Blueberry Art Studio

Beauty and nature are inseparable. This is the driving mantra behind our handcrafted works at Blueberry Art Studio. Fire, water, earth, air, and wind are not just the five elements of the universe at Blueberry Art Studio -- they are in fact, the muse behind our creations. Whether accessories or stationery, each of Blueberry’s pieces represent a dimension of nature. At Blueberry, we use the most elegant, intrinsic, and exquisite techniques to bring our art to life, such as quilling, mandala art, woodworking and more, the products at Blueberry integrate simplicity with sophistication. These pieces are more infused with life because of the eco-friendly materials and techniques that go into their creation. All of Blueberry’s products are molded to suit the environmentally charged climate of our times.

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Mandala Collection

Blueberry Mandalas are inspired by the fractal elements of nature and the universe. All of the Blueberry Mandalas are completely hand-drawn. Mandalas in general are the artistic representation of higher thoughts and deeper meaning. 

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Handcrafted Jewels & Accessories

Who doesn't love a pair of unique handmade jewelry that is made using versatile materials? At Blueberry, you will find one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry made using materials like fabrics, felts, papers, threads, resins, clays and wood. you are going to find every design of ours as your favorite.

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Personalised Gifts

Who'll say no to a personalized gift? Offer your family and friends a special unique customized gift to share a special memory. Blueberry presents you with a collection of personalized gifts and gift ideas that can speak your heart out.