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Q. What is Blueberry?

Blueberry is a one-stop destination for all your art and craft requirements. You can get the best quality art, original paintings, art prints, aesthetically designed stationery, and remarkable craft collections.


Q. What kind of products and gifts are available at Blueberry?

Blueberry Art Studio caters to a wide range of requirements: office supplies, invitations, and customized souvenirs, among others. Closer home, Blueberry also makes handmade jewelry and home accessories, such as magnets, gift cards, earrings, and miscellaneous eco-friendly ornaments. All of Blueberry’s products are built to suit the environmentally-charged climate of our times using eco-friendly materials and techniques. That’s not all -- Blueberry Art Studio also frequently hosts online tutorials and workshops on art techniques. Learn more about paints, methods, surfaces, and mediums by checking out our YouTube channel at Blueberry Art Studio!


Q. Where can Blueberry Deliver products?

We ship only within India. We don’t ship outside India for now due to the pandemic. We cover major places across India through the available delivery partners. You will be able to make your purchases on our site from anywhere in the world with credit/debit cards issued in India, but please ensure the delivery address is in India. We may extend our shipping post-pandemic.


Q. How old and big is Blueberry?

The idea for Blueberry Art Studio materialized eight years ago, in the small personal art room of a budding artist and illustrator who dreamt of taking her enthralling ideas to the world. Since then, the studio has expanded beyond the confines of the 8 x 8 room and grown into something much bigger, inspiring the next generation of art that takes the everyday and transforms it into something surreal. All the products at Blueberry are the outcome of a single artist’s work. Hence, we proudly call ourselves a small business enterprise.