Your Data is Secure

Welcome to Blueberry’s Privacy Policy!


Are you worried about your information and privacy? We assure Blueberry is the safest place.

Blueberry has a very strict privacy policy to ensure the safety of our customer's information.


Make sure you are reading this before booking your order.


Blueberry is one-stop for customized/personalized gifts and arts for any occasion. So we deal with more private information in order to make the gift a pleasant memory. We craft every gift with passion and to satisfy your taste. Each customer is unique and we treat them in a more protected manner.


We collect information at different stages and different levels. We have a policy for each level of information we collect. Kindly read the below content to understand how Blueberry collects and disseminates information.


This privacy policy states that your data is completely secure.


Account creation information:

  • When you access this website, we collect basic personal information provided by you from time to time to smoothen your search and satisfy your needs. It also helps in reshaping the website for easy access.

  • While creating a blueberry account, we collect your personal identifiable information such as your eMail address, Name and mobile number and store it in the Blueberry database for further communications.

  • When you subscribe to our website, we collect only your email and name and store it in Blueberry's database for further communication.

  • If you unsubscribe, we delete your information from our database. We won’t save any data given by you at any point on the website. We cannot delete any information collected as cookies that helps in the development of the website.


Information on Customised gifts:

  • In case of information you share with us for making personalized gifts, we will store the information only for 7 days after the completion of the crafting. We completely delete all information such as photographs, names, text and dates after 7 days of completing the craft.

  • In no case, we store any other information related to the customer at any point.

  • We won't ask for unwanted or unrelated information during your purchase. 



We use a data collection device called cookies in certain pages of a website to understand what you are looking for and the flow in the accessibility of the website. This merely helps in understanding the usage of websites and remodeling to meet the need.


Payment privacy policy:

  • If you pay online/ offline, we store the transaction information for future reference. 

  • For online transactions, the Paypal privacy policy applies. For Offline transactions, we don’t collect/ask verbally, any of your passwords and pins for the transaction.



  • If you order through the website, we store the mailing address for smooth delivery and retain the address for future reference and communication.

  • If you order through Instagram or any other social media, we ask for and collect and store the address for safe and secure delivery. Your address will be stored in our database for future reference and communication.



  • Your messages such as feedback, complaints and other chats will be stored for analysis and delete after a certain period.

  • We don't share this data with any other third parties.


If you are ordering in Blueberry means, you are agreeing to this privacy policy automatically.

We will update the policy from time to time in synchronization with our needs in serving the community.

If you have any other queries contact: Blueberry