Where do you look for inspiration?

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Many of us have this question in our heads. "Where do I lookout for inspiration?". The answer to this simple question is, you can get inspiration from anything and everything. It depends on the person. It varies from person to person.

Some get inspired by reading books, some through movies, some by listening to music for some it's from people like family members, relatives, or even celebrities. Some even get inspiration from nature like plants, animals, insects, and birds.

Inspiration is personal. Inspiration is not just a word. It's a feeling, an emotion that comes from within, your internal personal likings maybe are entirely different from who you are from outside socially.

Take some time and reflect on what makes you so inspired. What's that so unique that pulls your attention, What that one that that's forcing you to think on it over and over again.

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