Listen to music and read books for creativity

Updated: Feb 18

Music fuels your inspiration and creativity. It motivates your and pulls any range of emotions when you listen to it.

"Listen to music that you like if you want to tap into your creativity" - Kyle Christensen

The best way to bring out some inspiration for your day is by listening to your favorite music. Our brain reacts to music and different genres causes different emotions.

Books will inspire you, if you are open, if you set your mind to remember all the details and if you show real interest to learn. Read books on subjects relevant to your interest.

If you're interested in art, read books related to art. If you are interested in cooking, gardening, crafting or any subject in that matter, read books relevant to it. The more you read, the more inspiration you get.

When you lack motivation/creativity, find your comfy zone and stay listening to music or quietly read a book. Set a reminder for 15 mins. There is no need to rush. Relax your bif and mind and start doing whatever you feel comfortable to do, that's it.

There is one more thing you must keep in mind. There will be million thoughts going in our minds, don't let any of that distracts you. Just keep focusing on what you do.

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